Antique Amber - Kahraman - Information

Antique Amber - Kahraman - Information

Kahraman, an Arabic word for amber, is the name commonly used for the antique amber.

Kahraman amber is usually in egg yolk, butterscotch or even darker shades, opaque or semi-translucent or opaque with translucent swirls, depending on the amber variety it is made of, on the age of the beads or piece of amber and on the way exterior factors like sunlight affected it.

Thus, kahraman amber can be of royal or honey or cognac amber varieties that get a darker color and an age patina with time.

The characteristic of kahraman, apart its scarcity and its high collectible value, is that it is a fragile amber variety, so it has to be treated gently.

Posted on 2017-07-27 Antique & Vintage Materials

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