Vintage Misketa-Mastiha-Catalin - History and Properties

Vintage Misketa-Mastiha-Catalin - History and Properties

Misketa or mastiha or catalin, an amberoid material, has been invented (as the Faturan material) to be used in prayer beads, instead of pure amber. The reason for the invention of those materials was on one hand the scarcity of amber in the Arabic region and on the other hand, the fragility of it.

Faturan material or material similar to faturan, in yellow, light orange or butterscotch color are usually known as Misketa. Misketa is also available in burgundy color.

Misketa beads are many times decorated with reddish or black spots, made by poking the bead with a hot pin, mainly for religious reasons.

Posted on 2017-07-27 Antique & Vintage Materials

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