Energy Healing Beads - A Short Introduction

Energy Healing Beads - A Short Introduction

Everything is Energy. Universe is Energy, Earth is Energy. We, people are energy connected with the Universe and the Earth. We are part of the Universal Energy and we get nourished from this energy through our chakras.

Chakras connect our body and soul, so every mental or sentimental blockage is somehow expressed in our body.

Mother Earth has given us a valuable gift that helps us confront every problem in our mind and body - Energy Crystals.

From ancient times, it was believed that crystals contain an internal energy. Nowadays, this is not just a belief, as scientists can also prove this. Every crystal has its own "destination", its own attributes. Even their color has a specific meaning.

The hidden power of every crystal, in addition to our faith in them, can actually help us fulfill our inner expectations and desires.

Posted on 2017-07-27 Beads in Use - Short History

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