Spiral Symbol - History & Meaning

Spiral Symbol - History & Meaning

The spiral is one of the oldest symbols of human spirituality, carved or painted into rocks from thousands of years ago, on every continent of the world.

Symbol of movement and progressive development, growth, expansion, cosmic energy, symbol of the sun… symbol that represents the continuous cycle of birth, life, death and regeneration. Spirals have been found in burial sites, in vases, in jewelry, clothing, weapons and many other objects.

They can be seen in every aspect in nature, like the tides in the oceans, the winds, the plants, the shells. The spiral phenomenon has been explained through mathematics from the time of Archimedes, the great Greek mathematician.

Various meanings depending on the culture in which the symbol is used, it has been and continues to be, century by century, an everlasting symbol of the eternal forces of nature that touches our subconscious.

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