Vergina Sun-Macedonian Star - History & Meaning

Vergina Sun-Macedonian Star - History & Meaning

The Vergina Sun or Star of Vergina is a symbol of a stylized star with sixteen rays.

It has been found in archaeological excavations in Vergina, in Northern Greece, where it was discovered on a golden larnax in 1977 in the tombs of the kings of the ancient kingdom of Macedonia. The larnax is on display at the archaeological museum in Vergina, very close to where it has been found.

The significance of the symbol is not clear, as archaeologists’ opinions differ. It has been said that the star could be a religious symbol representing the twelve Gods of Olympus, or an emblem of the Argead dynasty (Macedonian dynasty claiming to originate from Hercules), or simply a decorative design.

Whatever the significance, the Vergina sun symbol appears very often in Macedonian and Hellenistic coins and shields, so it can be said that it’s the emblem of the Macedonian dynasty.

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