Aragonite - History & Properties

Aragonite - History & Properties


The name aragonite derives from the Spanish province Molina de Aragon, where it has been discovered.
Aragonite has been used for many years mainly for the creation of statues, decorative tiles, masks and other objects.

Healing Properties - Metaphysical

Aragonite is considered to be a strong healing stone. Being tuned with the Mother Earth, it transforms the geopathic stress that is believed to the source of many illnesses as it weakens the immune system.

Healing Properties - Physical

Aragonite enhances patience, discipline, mental strength, intuition and reduces hypersensitivity, anger and stress. It helps us staying focused on our projects and provides support.
It also helps in fighting nervous tics and muscle spasms, originating from inner anger.


Aragonite is associated with the Base chakra.

Astrological Sign

Aragonite is associated with the Capricorn sign.

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