Bronzite - History & Properties

Bronzite - History & Properties


Bronzite, an enstatite variety, belongs to the orthopyrexene group of minerals. The name bronzite derives from the stone’s similarity to bronze. It has been used from ancient times, mainly by Romans in amulets and decorative objects.
Bronzite comes in brown and greenish shades with bronze metallic sparkles.

Healing Properties - Metaphysical

Bronzite is a protective gemstone that boosts self-confidence and determination. It’s extremely useful during the planning of important projects, as not only it eases indecision but it also helps in clearing things out in order to have an objective perception of advantages and disadvantages, focus and make informed decisions.
Bronzite is also believed to be beneficial to men with low self-esteem as it increases their masculine energy and to women that maintain a servile attitude.
Bronzite is also considered to be the stone of courtesy, politeness and help as it evokes that the way to success is not always as straightforward and materialistic as widely believed, but it comes through the awareness of our place, role and relationships in the world surrounding us.

Healing Properties - Physical

Bronzite is believed to stimulate iron assimilation by our body and to help in skin problems and allergies.


Bronzite is associated with the Base and Sacral chakras.

Astrological Sign

Bronzite is associated with the Leo sign.

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