Howlite - History & Properties

Howlite - History & Properties


Howlite is a silicate first found in California by the geologist Henry How, from whom its name derives.
In its natural appearance howlite is an opaque, white color gem with veins in black or gray shades. Due to its veining similarity to turquoise, howlite is often dyed to look like real turquoise, offering a lower price turquoise-like substitute.

Healing Properties - Metaphysical

Howlite is associated with the spiritual dimension. It helps in preparing the mind to accept wisdom and knowledge coming from intuition and dreams. It is also believed that it helps in accessing memories from previous lives and to reach other dimensions. It also helps us in determining our ambitions and goals and to achieve them. Howlite as well helps us in becoming more patient and to control anger that is targeted towards ourselves, while it relieves stress.

Healing Properties - Physical

Howlite, being a calming stone, eases insomnia and helps relaxing the whole body. It also helps in balancing the calcium levels and in keeping healthy teeth and bones.


Howlite is associated with the Third Eye and the Throat chakras.

Astrological Sign

Howlite is associated with the Gemini sign.

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