Pearls - History & Properties

Pearls - History & Properties


The word "pearl" derives from the Latin word "pernula", meaning sea mussel.
Pearls are known, used and treasured from ancient times. Ancient Egyptians, Aztecs among other cultures used them a lot. Romans considered pearls as a symbol of power, wealth, wisdom and happiness, while they believed that they bring sweet dreams to women.


Pearls come in many colors, from white to black, while the color range for cultured pearls is even wider.
Freshwater pearls are natural, cultured pearls that are formed by placing a small bead inside an oyster. The bead is gradually coated, layer by layer with nacre, the substance secreted by the oyster that forms the pearl, shortening this way the whole natural process of pearl creation.

Healing Properties - Metaphysical

Pearls are believed to stimulate femininity and love towards ourselves and the others. They are also believed to manifest truth, innocence and serenity, bringing truth to situations, loyalty to causes and inner wisdom.

Healing Properties - Physical

Pearls are known and used for their healing properties from many centuries ago. They have been used to cure lungs, throat and skin problems among others.


Pearls are associated with the Throat chakra.

Astrological Sign

Pearls are associated with the Gemini sign.

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