Rock Crystal-Clear Quartz - History & Properties

Rock Crystal-Clear Quartz - History & Properties


Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals on earth. There are many quartz colors and varieties, such as clear quartz, rose quartz, citrine, amethyst, smoky quartz among others.
Clear quartz is the colorless quartz variety, known as rock crystal or crystal quartz.
Rock crystal has been known from ancient times - even from the Mesolithic age. Eastern civilizations considered rock crystal as the stone of patience and perfection. Rock crystal has been used in jewelry, in carvings, in magic in the form of crystal balls and wands and as diamond imitations among other uses.

Healing Properties - Metaphysical

Rock crystal is considered to be the most powerful healing stone. Rock crystal stimulates energy to the maximum, while it absorbs, stores and releases energy according the circumstances and increases the effect of other healing stones.
Including every possible color, rock crystal works on all levels. It clears thoughts, amplifies psychic abilities, dilutes karmic seeds and during meditation it filters distractions and harmonizes all chakras.

Healing Properties - Physical

Rock crystal can be used to fight almost every disease. It enhances immune system and brings balance to the body while it is extremely beneficial for curing burns.


Rock crystal is associated with the Crown chakra.

Astrological Sign

Rock crystal is associated with the Taurus, Capricorn, Aries and Libra signs.

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