Tiger Eye - History & Properties

Tiger Eye - History & Properties


Tiger's eye is a quartz variety, in rich earthy golden and brown shades mixed together in swirls and stripes. As other varieties of chatoyant quartzes it has mainly been used in the 19th century in precious talismans, as it was scarce and valuable.

Healing Properties - Metaphysical

Tiger's eye, a strong protective stone, is extremely beneficial to those who have a very strong earthy energy, as it stimulates the psychic abilities and brings a balance between the earthy and psychic domains.
It also helps in seeing clearer, and thus thinking clearer and understand the difference between what we want and what we really need. It helps in solving dilemmas and inner conflicts, mainly those arising from pride and stubbornness. It helps in reevaluating ourselves, in finding our talents and hidden skills and let our creativity emerge and flourish.
Tiger's eye also boosts our will and strength when we try to overcome addictions and make beneficial changes in our life. It lifts the mood, increases self confidence and makes us open to new experiences.
It is also believed that tiger's eye brings good luck while traveling and wealth.

Healing Properties - Physical

Tiger's eye is beneficial to the eyes and helps the night vision. It also helps in curing the throat and the organs of reproduction, while it is also believed that it helps in the re-establishment of broken bones.


Tiger's eye is associated with the Solar Plexus and the Third Eye chakras.

Astrological Sign

Tiger's eye is associated with the Scorpio and Capricorn signs.

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