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Embark in a time travel with jewelry and accessories as your guide. Let yourself immerse into cultures dating from five thousand years ago by exploring pieces either inspired by the ancient original ones or identical to the prototypes.

Get the feeling, the symbolism, the simplicity or the opulence they bring with them, their fusion with contemporary designs and influences, their evolution. Keep a taste of this journey with a handcrafted piece made for you.

That’s the idea in creating our CultureTaste – to share our love and passion for unique pieces that create a stronger bond with our roots, that open windows to memories and give inspiration to our days.

All our items are selected with care and are presented with an accurate and detailed description, so that what you see is what you get.
We really hope that you’ll enjoy your pieces for many years and that you won’t consider them as just a purchase, but as pieces of the worldwide culture’s heritage.

We are always here to reply to your questions about the items you find in this site, or to discuss your ideas about customized items, and we are always open to your suggestions and comments, for every order - from one piece to wholesale orders.  

Chris and Maria

Registered Address:
11 Elpidos str,
16672, Athens, Greece
Tel: +30 697 44 99 131

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