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"Every time when i receive my order from CultureTaste I am delighted to see the beautiful handcrafted jewellery they make. I have ordered several items through this year and was amazed every single time. I am shopping from other companies on line but CultureTaste is the fastest and most efficient company which ships and delivers your items fastest. They great communicators who are always ready to help. I am very lucky and happy that I found this website and I hope they will provide more items for us to be purchased. Good Luck to them. "

Maria Zgourali, United Kingdom

"The worry beads were beautiful, better than i expected, and hubby said its the best present yet. Thanks so much for the great communication and quick responses to help make my purchase go so smoothly. Looking forward to doing business again. Thanks."

Jo, Australia

" "Lovely" quality product, prompt and personal service, I have no qualms in recommending this site to any new buyer".

John, Sheffield, England

"Searching for authentic worry beads, we found CultureTaste's wonderful website. Looking at their beautiful selections is like wandering through a museum and getting lost in the mystery of it all. We return again and again.Generous information on the stones is enjoyable to read, especially the metaphysical aspects of a stone.
Merchandise we have purchased is as it appears in the pictures - delightfully, there have been no surprises. Customer service is wonderful - very friendly and helpful. You'd think Greece was just a stone's throw away !"

D & E, Newton, MA, USA

"Very pleasant contact. Items arrived in no time, and are very likeable"

Susanne R, Germany

" I enjoyed shopping with you and delivery date was as agreed and the beads arrived on time. I also appreciated your aftersales service which i thought was excellent"

Joe Brincat, Malta

" I have recently purchased some delightful komboloi for a few friends; the quality of the materials, the finishing and the packaging were of outstanding quality. The komboloi are much appreciated by my friends to my great satisfaction and delight. Bravo guys, keep up the good work..."

A. Groudel, Germany

" I found CultureTaste website to be a wonderful experience with product and service. They have very unique products that you cannot find just anywhere, and their prices are very reasonable the fact that the product comes from overseas. Not only that but they have great communication and excellent service, they were very nice and considerate of my special request with my order. I definitely recommend CultureTaste to everyone, you cannot go wrong, I loved dealing with them"

Claudine, USA

" The search for a Solid Amber Komboloi was an elusive quest. After having a small experience with komboloi in Greece, I came to be quite fond of them. Later on as my personal knowledge of komboloi grew, my cheap plastic souvenir was replaced by a strand of lightly less cheap red bakelite; although it was not until finding CultureTaste and Chris, that I experienced the Magic of Solid Amber Beads. I had heard of the Solid Amber komboloi like a legend no longer available, or often faked; however, Chris with CultureTaste has brought Authentic Solid Amber Komboloi to the world with Honesty and Humility. Now I have a golden orange glow that shields me from the worries of my day"

Patrick Tsushima, San Diego, CA, USA

" I can't tell you how happy I was to receive my worry beads. Your website is the only one that has such unusual beads where the others have very ordinary beads. I am giving these as gifts and will be proud to do so. Thank you for the excellent service and for the way you wrapped them. That was a nice touch"

Sandra Miniter, Florida, USA

" I have just received my black tourmaline worry beads, one of several I have bought. I must have a thing about black tourmaline and this is the only company I know of that make komboloi of black tourmaline. Even thought I am not Greek, (have been to Greece several times over the years, but never saw komboloi like the ones from this company) I have an attachment to komboloi. I now have a small collection from various places and companies and some I bought in Greece myself, but none are as good as the ones from this company ie: CultureTaste, a real taste of komboloi culture. Yasoo !"

David, Australia

" I was searching on the web just the kind of item that i've found here: perfectly silver handcrafted, with the Vergina Sun on a side and the head of Alexander the Great on the other. Additionally persons that work for CultureTaste are very friendly and helpful. For all these things I am very grateful and happy to have bought on these web-site. Very recommended!"

Gianpaolo, Italy

" Very pleased with my silver pendant. Exactly what I was looking for. Friendly and enjoyable shopping experience. I would not hesitate to recommend CultureTaste to anyone looking for that something special"

J. Reddick, UK

" Lovely beads, superbe service"

Elizabeth, Indiana, USA

" Purchased a beautiful Minoan Phaistos Disk sterling silver ring. I brought the exact same one in Greece in 2007, however lost it. So glad I have a replacement one now!
Thank you"

Stef, Australia

" Just received my Byzantine sterling silver cross today. It arrived within one week of purchase and was professionally packaged. I opened the velvet-lined gift box to find a beautiful (and substantial!) piece of art. The quality of the work far exceeded my expectations. I am one very satisfied customer."

Maya B., Atlanta, USA

" I'm always wary of ordering from a company I'm unfamiliar with, especially when the item I'm ordering is from overseas. But I just received the really beautiful amber worry beads from Culture Taste and I'm so pleased! The order process was easy, I got order confirmation immediately, as well as a personalized follow-up e-mail. The beads are a fine quality amber on a silken cord with sterling embellishment; they were presented in a beribboned gift box and included a certificate of authencity.
I had searched all over the internet to find a quality product at a fair price. These exquisite amber beads from Culture Taste really fit the bill. I'd order from this company again without hesitation. "

Jill, Pennsylvania, USA

" I am so tremendously pleased with my experience with CultureTaste. The Komboloi I received is beautifully crafted and a joy to look at and handle. I received my item quickly and when I had questions, I received a response promptly and with such friendliness that I felt like a valued customer even after purchasing just this one item.
If you are looking for a vendor who provides quality products, who takes pride in what they sell and who will be available to you if you have any questions or concerns, CultureTaste is perfect for you."

Valerie, USA

" I lost worry beads I had bought in Greece 25 years ago. I was heart broken and decided to go online to see if I could find a replacement. I stumbled upon your site during my search and loved the many selections you had to choose from. I chose the Jasper rice shape and they were even better in person when I received them. They arrived quickly and I love them.
Thank you very much for your service. I will tell everyone to check out your site."

Barbara, USA

" I find Culture Taste an excellent company to do business with. Their products are of outstanding quality and their postage and customer service are second to none.
Am very satisfied with the Komboloi that I bought, both the hematite and black onyx - the workmanship is superb.
Thank you"

David, Australia

" I am truly impressed with my komboloi (excellent craftsmanship), the speedy shipping, and thoughtful customer service. I have and will continue to recommend this site highly! "

Adam Schaefer , USA

" I ordered a lovely set of Greek Coin cuff links- they arrived in a short time, beautifully wrapped, and my husband loves them. Thank you "

Dianne, Australia

" The shipping was a bit more than I usually pay, since I'm all the way in the US, but the quality of my tasbih is well worth the extra charge. Thank you for a wonderful product. "

David Kearns, USA

" This was the first time I ordered from CultureTaste and I was very pleased. The service was great and my item, a ring, was shipped promptly. The ring is beautiful and I am very happy with my purchase. "

Mayra, USA

" Excellant web site I have bought many times and never been disappointed. "

Brian, UK

" Received large yusr prayer beads, very very happy, thank you so much. "

coconarghile, AUSTRALIA

" Always good to do business with culturetaste. Products always good well made and service with a smile. (computer smile!!) yasu. "

David Cowen, AUSTRALIA

" I bought a a copy of famous Minoan fresco 'Bull Leaping' - that unearthed out of Knossos Palace in Crete, from CultureTaste a while ago. It is hanging in my house and reminds me about legendary Minoan era that caused such a piece of art create, but also - about beautiful people who provided me with excellent services and all their heartwarming along with this wonderful fresco. "

Alexander, CANADA

" in fortunately they are good company to deal with and so pleasant :) and they ship the item so fast and safe.. thanks allot culture taste and for the owners and spicily chris its been good dealing with him "


" First class products and first class service, highly recommended, Thanks again Chris "


" I ordered three sterling silver crosses and they arrived today and are simply Beautiful. I once had an 18K gold Greek Orthodox Cross that a friend's father brought back for me from Greece and unfortunately I lost it. It broke my heart, because I was so fond of that cross. Now I have ordered on Greek Orthodox Cross for myself, (that reminds me of the Ethiopian Orthodox Crosses that I love.) One for my lovely daughter and another for a friend's first communion. The quality is exceptional and the service is fast. I also ordered a rubber necklace with the silver lobster clasp and it is lovely too. Thank you again CultureTaste, I will be ordering more items from you in the near future. God Bless you all and thank you again. "

Taren H., USA

" Fantastic service, I emailed with a few questions while waiting for my order and they were answered promptly and very helpful. I have now received my order and are very happy with my purchase, quality is perfect and packaged well.
Will be certainly buying more in the future."

Kirsti, Australia

" Initially made an inquiry about the Culture Taste Company. The response was prompt and courteous and very security minded. The order was completed in one day and mailed the next.
My order arrived today exactly 8 days later. It was quite surprising to receive the order so quickly, especially since other companies even here in the United States take much longer to arrive.
Everything I ordered was in good condition and every bit as beautiful as I had hoped. The crosses I ordered are of a better quality than I have seen here at home, (they are gifts for this coming Easter).
Thank you very much for your attentive care to your customers."

Theo J. Kanellakos , USA

" this is the 2nd purchase with culturetaste, again very very impressed with the products and sevice. wishing you all the very best"

coconarghile, AUSTRALIA

"Just now received my Silver Meander Earrings that I had ordered for my mom. Absolutely gorgeous! So much better than the picture posted here and the parcel reached me in just 5 days. The earrings were in a beautiful black box with red ribbon...just perfect for gifting. I look forward to seeing more products and buying frequently from Culture Taste. "

Abhilasha Singh, INDIA

"I received my scented komboloi today in the mail, after less than the amount of time I was told it would take. Very pleased with that for sure, but am also pleased with the appearance and quality of them. I will definitely be buying from Culture Taste again! "

Jeromie B, USA

"First off; communication with the website owner is very fast and direct!
This site was scanned and tested by one of the best virus/malware programs out there, and it was found to be totally SAFE and SECURE!
The items listed are all very beautiful. My Worry Beads also came a Certification Card which I really love!
My item arrived in the expected amount of time from Europe to the U.S.A. also.... (Registered) As I had to sign!
I will buy more items from this site just as soon as my money situation permits!
Very Professional, and they sell Top Class Items! Not cheap knock-offs like on other sites! "

Reclusive Knight, USA

"Good Service and quick handling even for special wishes. I can recommend this shop"


"The website and order process on this site is pretty seemless. Communications via email were prompt and very personalised which I loved.
The delivery was before stated estimate and the packaging was top class. Very impressive service."

Omer Qureshi, UK

" First time purchasing a product on your website. Very impressed with the product and service that i received. will be ordering more stuff soon."


" Received my worry beads and stress & anxiety beads today and they are absolutely beautiful. Would order from they again !!! "

Janeen S., USA

" I had been looking for worry beads as a present for my Dad for some time and came across the Culture Taste website. Not only did they have an excellent choice of products, they were also competitively priced. I ordered a set of amethyst komboloi which arrived today and are every bit as beautiful as they looked on the website. The quality of the product is excellent and I was also impressed with the service, both from Culture Taste and the shipping. I would definitely order from them again."

Tanya, UK

"The beads far exceeded my expectations! I am looking forward to doing business with this company again! "

Lynda, USA

" Wow. I am impressed with the great service and product. We were so happy with the first purchase my daughter and i have ordered more jewelry. Thank you for your excellent service. Felt like i was back in Athens lking at jewelry in Plaka. "

Candib , USA

" Great worry beads, nicely crafted. Arrived quickly and packaged nicely in small gift boxes. Thanks CultureTaste! "

Nicholas, USA

" I just received my Athena tetradrachm medium pendant and it of in excellent condition. I received it in five business days and the customer service was extremely friendly. I am very happy I got it from culturetaste and I am looking forward to doing businesses with them again. "

Nicholas, USA

"I love greek culture as i studied ancient greek literature and so i bought one of the pendant you can get here, the one with the phaistos disc. I received it in 6 working days in perfect condition and in a beautiful package. I'm really satisfied with it! "


"After getting home from my trip to Greece, I had wanted to buy a silver pendant to match my bracelet and didn't get one, so I starting looking online and found the exact match I needed with Culture Taste! They shipped the next day and I am so pleased with the quality and craftsmanship. I would highly recommend to to anyone looking for beautiful Greek design jewelery."

Brenda, Atlanta, GA, USA

"I wanted a new Komboloi to add to the one I purchased in Crete years ago. I found this site while searching for them. Now, several things: I hate buying items online, I prefer to handle them, especially Komboloi, etc. But I thought I would take a chance with this site because they had the Komboloi in the material I wanted (hematite). So I leapt into the abyss; and I am so glad I did! The product exceeded my expectations! I just love it! The service was on time, the emails telling me when it was shipped were prompt, and I could even follow most of the progress (the USPS really is lousy at that though). I am going to rate Culture Taste an A+, and let them know that I will be ordering more from them soon. I saw a nice Templar cross. . ."

Robert G, North Carolina, USA

"I ordered apple coral worry beads for my cousin. She absolutely loved them. Online they looked beautiful to me and she confirmed that fact. They were just what she wanted. She had seen them somewhere else for much more money and couldn't spend that much. I found it very easy to deal with your company, and your responses to any questions were answered in a timely manner.
Thank you."

Audrey, California, USA

"Very beautiful worry beads. Great service and packaging. Thank you!"

Darlene, USA

"We bought the Alexander the Great cufflinks for our Classical Studies teacher as a gift, as we had been studying Alexander through the year and had even seen one the actual coins. When he got them he was absolutely delighted and "NO WAY"; was his first reaction. They arrived earlier than expected, they looked absolutely amazing and our teacher loved them, thank you for the great service! :)"

Cindy, New Zealand

"Thank you, for your service. You responded quickly and efficiently. The Komboloi you sent me was as it was described and I received in 3 days!"

Lorenzo Clemente, Switzerland

"I was looking to replace some specific jewelry that had been stolen. CultureTaste was able to have it quickly made for me and delivered very quickly. It's perfect. Thanks much for great service!"

John, USA

"As I have read from all above testimonials, I find my experience with CultureTaste reflected as much the same, Great! I was all smiles...
I ordered 3 Meander Greek Key Necklaces and the Owl pendant.
Everything arrived just as it was packed, in perfect condition. The Meander Greek Key Necklaces were as beautiful as I had hoped. The quality of the workmanship surpassed the price. I will wear it with pride. I will be more than happy and confident to recommend CultureTaste to anyone looking for great jewelry, and service. I will be ordering more in the future. Thanks you."

Toni Monaghan, USA

"I received my items one day before expected, so I was well happy. I ordered a bracelet and key chain, both pieces were unique and exactly as described on the website. The service is great, this is definitely worth a try! My next order will be soon..."

Sarah Z., London, UK

" I am very happy with service i experienced with culture taste. My product is of exceptional quality and was presented nicely. I recommend culture taste to anyone."

Daniil, Australia

" Just recieved my Bullhorn Komboloi from Chris at Culture Taste. I couldn't be happier!!! Outstanding craftsmanship & great customer service! I'll definitely be back. Thanks Chris!"

Jason, USA

" We ordered the Gerochristo 2187 ring for my fiance's wedding band and couldn't be happier with the craftsmanship. It looks even better in person than it did online. It was very beautifully and elegantly packaged and made us feel that we had made a good investment of money. It is a beautiful ring and so unique. He is proud to have it for our upcoming wedding. It is nice to find a reputable, honest retailer that is so easy to work with even overseas! "


"For my best friend of 7 years, I decided that I wanted to get a small trinket and, I felt that something involving a jade and a turtle would be appropriate. I searched online for a product with those components and luckily I was able to come across this site. The item is just as beautiful in person as it was in the picture. Not only is the handcrafted jewelry from CultureTaste aesthetically pleasing, but it is also at a reasonably affordable price.
I would like to also add that the USPS accidentally delivered my order to the wrong address. I had been tracking my order and I informed Chris immediately. It was eventually brought/returned to me, but in that small time frame, I received prompt responses. CultureTaste is, without a doubt, worth your money because of its attentive service to customers and ability to produce quality products. "

Stephanie, USA

" I've been using komboloi ever since I saw Leonard Cohen with them. After not being able to find worry beads in the US, I went to Ebay and even made some of my own. After finding your site through google, I had to buy one to try them out. Out of the 6 komboloi I own, the Culture Taste are the best. I like having different styles for different moods and outings. I'll be buying all my worry beads from you for sure. the quality, styles, look and feel can't be beat. I love them!
thank you,
Gene W "

Gene W, USA

" Chris provided wonderful customer service! I emailed him to request a specific size in a ring I wanted and he replied quickly and then let me know when my size was available. Once I purchased the ring, I received prompt shipping information and my ring arrived very quickly. The quality of the ring is great; it exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend this vendor! "

Brooke, USA

"The order process was easy and the delivery was as promised. The worry beads arrived perfect and are looking great. Great company to do business with, I will definitely purchase from you again as well as recommend your site to all my friends. "

Kris, California, USA

"I am satisfied and pleasantly impressed with my purchase, a small pendant resembling a silver tetradrachm. It is finely crafted and adapted nicely to hang on a chain or leather thong.
I found the site by searching for worry beads and I ended up with a pendant. I will certainly use it again.
I had a few misgivings initially but within a couple of days I got a couple of e-mails and I have the impression that there is not a problem to communicate or interact with the company leadership."

Lorelei Robin, USA

"I just wanted to say that the worry beads and the energy beads I ordered were beautiful! I am very pleased with the customer service, the products, the shipping and most of all most pleasant experience. No "worry beads" needed on this order. :) Thank you!"

Melodie, USA

" After having been disappointed with a purchase of a wedding band from another company that looked nothing like the advertised picture, my fiancee and I searched for another option and found it with this great company. It has just arrived, exactly when they said it would, and it is PERFECT. It fits beautifully and the intricate detail is exactly like the picture shown. The staff that works in customer service, especially Chris, were very quick to respond to all questions and concerns. It was one of the most pleasant and easy experiences I have ever had buying an item online and we will certainly be using them in the future for our jewelry needs and telling everyone to use them as well. We cannot wait to show off her new ring to our envious friends:) "

Scott Channell, USA

" I had the beautiful worry beads-komboloi, then and now purchased for me as a gift. I cannot tell you what a beautiful surprise it was to open up the package to a hand wrapped box complete with a ribbon tied around it.The packaging was so special. I received a certificate of authenticity with it letting me know when they had been crafted and a scroll of explanation. The beads themselves were done with such care and workmanship. You can see the time spent in each and every bead as they are all individually unique. I will treasure my beads and carry them with me. I just want to say thank you for taking such time and love with you products, it shows. "

Lisa Duncan, USA

" I have been looking for a pendant to wear with everything and found one on their website. I just received it and it was exactly what I had anticipated and more. The quality far surpasses anything I have seen on the market locally and on the internet. I will absolutely order from them again. I am extremely happy with my pendant. "

Arline Hill, USA

"Just received my second order from Culture Taste. Great experience. Maria was very helpful regarding sizing and customizing my orders with attention to detail and ensured my product was just what I requested.
The items I have ordered are characterized by beauty and craftsmanship and were a good value for the money.I could not have been more pleased. I would not hesitate to order again and highly recommend them."

John, Connecticut

"I stumbled across his company on the internet. The jewelry looked amazing as did the prices. I have bought a few pieces of Konstantino jewelry from Neiman Marcus and decided I would try this jeweler named Gerochristo that Culturetaste offered. I am so glad I did. I just received a lovely bracelet and two pendants. They were all made wirth fine craftsmanship and look amazing! Also Chris and Maria were excellent in customer service. I couldn't ask for any better help than they provided me being a first time customer. I would not hesitate in ordering again!"

Connie, USA

"Just got lapis lazuli komboloi,it's my first purchase from CultureTaste and i'm completely satisfied with it. Fast delivered in a nice gift box,these worry beads are high quality product,very pleasant for the eyes and hand.Would definitely recommend..."

Vitali, Finland

"Just received my 2nd order with this company. I again ordered a bracelet and a pendant by Gerochristo. The workmanship is excellent! Chris ships larger orders by Fedex and it arrives in the states usually in three days. I am a very happy customer ☺!"

Connie, USA

"I recently ordered four medallions and received them even sooner than expected. This is the second order I have placed with CultureTaste and it certainly won't be the last. The quality of the products is exceptional. I am very pleased with the prompt and efficient service that has been provided"

Dawn, Australia

"Thank you Cris for the excellent service and honesty you showed to me when ordering my worry beads. They are by far of the best i have found they look and sound good but in the hand they fell better than a million dollars. Good to know there are still Greeks with honor and integrity bravo and thank you and your staff."

Joe Soupionas, South Africa

"We purchased our wedding rings from this company - they look exactly as pictured, and they were very communicative as we tried to address sizing concerns, processing time, etc. They arrived beautifully packaged, safe and sound. Really lovely, special, unique rings! I'm very happy to have found this website"

Angelina, USA

"I have been very pleased with both of my orders from CultureTaste. I love GreeK jewelry and have a number of pieces from different designers. I discovered Dimitrios' work through this website and am delighted with his jewelry designs. The people at CultureTaste also provide excellent communication regarding the status of your order, and their shipping times are very good for international packages. I will definitely be back for more!"

Vicki, USA

"The silver cufflinks I ordered are just as advertised. They are very nice quality, arrived quickly and I wouldn't hesitate to order from your company again! Thanks!"

Wanda, USA

"I ordered the Medieval-Byzantine Cross ring, which was my first purchase from Culture Taste. The item I received was exactly as pictured and I really like the look of it. Customer service was also great. Glad I became a customer."


"I enjoyed my Culturetaste shopping experience. Customer service is excellent. Chris and Maria were very professional. Email communications were so helpful. All of my questions received prompt responses. I am very happy with my jewelry purchase. I received it within 5 days of purchase."

Joan, USA

"I saw the Gerochristo 7126 ~ Chi Rho-Chrismon ~ Sterling Silver Medieval Byzantine Cufflinks on-line and thought they looked great. It is always a little risky ordering jewelry on-line, but I went ahead. I am glad that I did. Ordering on-line from Culture Taste was quick and easy. Delivery was timely and the cufflinks are absolutely beautiful. They are custom pieces of jewelry and I could not be more impressed or delighted. Start to finish, an easy process to receive really beautiful custom jewelry."

Glenn L, USA

"Allways amazing stuff, my last item was even nicer then what it looked on the website. I was well impressed, cant wait for my next piece."

meir s, USA

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!
You offered me the opportunity to give my grandchildren a wonderful gift, symbolic of their origin to their Greek roots. I wanted to bring them a souvenir to return from my trip to Greece but did not find what we are looking for.
So, I started an internet search and I found exactly what I needed to "Taste Culture" I chose three legendary heroes that Greeks illustrated their exchange coins in appreciation of their historical value.
It was not an easy choice considering the rich offer of the website "Taste Culture", but it was an excellent choice.
It was very easy to order and, just five days after order confirmation we received silver pendants.
Unexpectedly fast!
They look great, are of the highest quality and presentation is impeccable.
It was a pleasure to work with you and I will certainly do in the future!."

Florentina Misios Braila, Romania

"I searched for the perfect gift for my husband, something to remind him of Greek origin and I was pleased to find everything I want to Culture Taste.
I received the package in two days, and are excited by the quality of the products ordered. Products were packaged in black boxes with ribbons beautiful ... just perfect for gifts ...
Culture Taste have very unique products that you cannot find just anywhere. Chris and Maria provide excellent communication regarding the status of your order, and their shipping times are very good for international packages.
I look forward to seeing more products and buying frequently from Culture Taste!
Thank you!"

Simona Sarivan, Romania

"We were so impressed with the quality of the jewelry we bought.We purchased a Phiastos bracelet and it was even more beautiful the on the web site. The service and communication from Chris was beyond expectations. The item arrived in the USA 4 days after ordering it. We will be doing business with Culture Taste again.For Greek jewelry, don't shop anywhere else. Thanks again!

John, Las Vegas, USA

"I love my pendant and was amazed at how quickly it shipped! I will be shopping with CultureTaste in thw future!"

Heather New, USA

"Ordered some jewelry last week- interestingly enough I just came back from Greece but apparently did not buy enough jewelry. Anyway- received my package today, in nice boxes - very fast shipping, beautiful silver with gold plate! Happy customer here- thank you!!!"


"Thank you for your lovely way of dealing with customers. You were very accurate on timing and I loved the worry beads you sent. It looks even better in real."

Sarah, Saudi Arabia

" I am extremely pleased with my purchase. I would definitely recommend you to everyone. Thank you."

Helen, USA

" I received my pendant on time from Culture Taste. It was exactly as described and I am very happy with the quality."

Tony Aguilar, USA

" I was completely satisfied with my purchase! Delivery was on time and quality of merchandise was excellent! "

Bill B., USA

" I received my package yesterday. I loved everything! Three pendants, earrings and a bracelet. I will definitely order again. Excellent service. I also was in Greece for 3 weeks last September but didn't purchase enough jewelry. I was impressed with the fast delivery and nicely boxed items."

Cathy., USA

" I ordered a sterling silver snake bracelet within a week of ordering and the item was wrapped very nicely in a sturdy gift box with a ribbon. The box was then packaged in a padded envelope. More importantly, the item was very well made and sturdy; thick silver that wasn't a hollow tube."

L. Crawford, USA

" I could not be more pleased with my purchase! The attention to detail and the craftsmanship are superb; this is truly one of the BEST Masonic pieces that I own. I look forward to ordering the whole collection!"

Angelo, USA

" Love the charm necklace. It is beautifully made and very practical. Customer service is great as well. They promptly answer questions - and they ship FedEx overseas. Highly recommend."


" This was my first order and will definitely be one of many. The process was very smooth and I was kept well informed throughout. Most importantly the piece I chose arrived and was everything I had hoped for. I am so pleased, I couldn't have asked for more. "

Maria, UK

" Superb service! Absolutely beautiful Gerochristo bracelet. Exceptionally high quality piece, it looks- and feels better in hand (and on the wrist!) than the pictures lead me to think, it would. I am very impressed with the service from the time my order was placed to when Fed Ex quickly showed up - on time- to deliver my new, now FAVORITE, jewelry item. I will definitely be back to seek out more "new favorite" items, as I am now a loyal Culture Taste client. "

Ralph, USA

" The ring is super, am totally happy with it. Super service and super jewelry, what could you want more. "

Jeannette, NL

" The most lovely earrings. Even better than I expected. Will buy again!!! "

Little Rock, USA

" Masterpiece handcrafted came in no time. Very satisfied and highly recommend! Thank you "

A.T, Belgium

" I just love my new Begleri form CultureTaste. A perfect addition to my collection "

Gene, USA

" Just received my Byzantine inspired Maltese Cross (18K yellow gold on 925 Sterling Silver) and I want to tell you how pleased I am. The piece is superbe! no other description will do. Thank you so much. "

Donald Gray-Raus, UK


" Now I received my beautiful handcrafted ring from CultureTaste- Sterling Silver and Zircon Quatrefoil and Hearts Cocktail Ring. I am very happy that I found this CultureTaste, because I am long time searched this ring CultureTaste is the fastest and most efficient company which ships and delivers your items fastest. They great communicators who are always ready to help. Thank you Chris!). Good Luck to them. "

Lada, Russia


" I just wish to thank you for my Phaistos disk silver pendant. It is just like it appeared on the website, it is gorgeous, and I am extremely pleased for having bought it.
I also note the rapidity of the delivery and the tasteful little box and wrapping. I have recommended you. Keep up the great work. I love Greece, the culture, the people, the food, the music, the history, just about everything, so you can imagine I am delighted with this precious pendant. "

Tania Kuhn, Switzerland


" I have been highly satisfied with the quality of the jewelry I have purchased from CultureTaste and with their exceptional service. I have ordered several expensive items (necklaces, pairs of earrings and a bracelet), which I would not normally do online. I first took a chance on a necklace I had loved when I saw it in person in Greece and regretted not buying. I received excellent service from Maria and Chris and later bought several other big ticket items. Since it's hard to buy jewelry just from pictures, Maria kindly answered my many questions and even sent additional photos and was able to accommodate adjustments to meet my needs. Her service is the only reason I took the risk of buying the jewelry online. I strongly recommend this company and the unique, beautiful jewelry they offer. I can't get to Greece as often as I would like, but I have beautiful reminders with jewelry from CultureTaste."


" I received the cross I requested and it definitely exceeded my expectations. I like the handcrafted nature of the item, the size is perfect, the gold and silver combination works well, the delightful Byzantine/Medieval design is exactly what I hoped it would be, the price was quite reasonable, plus the piece represents my faith. Thanks for a great experience and product."

Keith, Sarasota, FL, USA

" To all of you jewelry buyers with High Expectations:
I ordered my first piece of jewelry from and could not be more excited about the most beautiful Chi Rho Ring I have ever seen! It is certainly worth more money than I paid for it. Not only was it fantastic quality and incredibly detailed, but I received it in a very short time and would recommend anyone to feel comfortable about purchasing from! Chris was delightful to work with. He knew I had Primary Progressive Muscular Sclerosis, and I could no longer leave my house to go and have jewelry made for me. I have an exquisite jewelry collection with very high standards. This ring has quickly become one of my favorites! He made certain it was PERFECT and I have not taken it off since the moment I opened the box from Greece."

Stavros, Southern California, USA

"Absolutely stunning piece, impeccably made with great attention to detail and exceptional customer services. Will absolutely buy more pieces without hesitation. Thank you!"

Masha, USA

"Having purchased some gorgeous pieces from Culture Taste over 7 years, I’m consistently delighted with the superb service and communication and every piece of jewelry I have is absolutely gorgeous and of incredible workmanship!  True old-world artistry, it’s a wonderful experience, the jewelry of the kind to pass down over generations."

Nuala Sommer, Canada

"Lovely ring. Excellent quality silver. Quick delivery to Canada. I will shop again."

Lee, Canada

"I purchased a lovely Gerochristo pendant from Culturetaste and had a very pleasant experience. Not only was the pendant exquisite but they kept great contact with me and shipped the pendant to me quickly as I wanted it in time for a special event. They are an excellent company that I highly recommend."

Ginger, USA

"J'ai bien reçu, avec un peu de retard, les deux chevalières Gerochristo commandées l'une avec une turquoise et l'autre avec un lapis lazuli. Toutes les deux sont magnifiques. De plus Chris est très disponible pour répondre à vos questions. Je suis donc très satisfait de cette transaction. Yan. avril 2019."

Yan, France

"This is not my first piece and it will not be the last! The pieces look even more stunning in real life, quality is amazing, customer service is superb, highly recommend."

Maria, USA

"A beautiful and strong yet sophisticated cross! The delivery went well, I am proud to wear it!"

Johanna, NL

"Beautiful craftsmanship. Was recommended to me by my sister living in Italy. Prompt delivery and Chris kept me updated on the status of my order and shipment. Highly recommended jewellery from Gerochristo Byzantine collection."

Susan, Australia

"C'est la seconde fois que je commande sur ce site. Chris est toujours aussi efficace et sympathique. Les deux bagues commandées pour ma fille sont très belles. Merci à Chis et Gerochristo."

Yan, France

"I am so glad I found your company and website. Beautiful jewelry and excellent service from Chris with our purchase. We will be purchasing again, and can highly recommend both the products and service. Kind Regards, Nick Melbourne, Australia."

Nick, Australia

"I purchased 2 jewelry pieces to wear together: the Athena tetradrachm pendant and Byzantine silver chain. This jewelry is amazing! I am so happy that I chose your products. Both the pendant and the chain are substantial pieces, and I have received MANY compliments. These are the type of jewelry that I wanted to purchase when I visited Greece in 2018, and I was thrilled to have these fabulous souvenirs of my trip. I do love that the pendant is reversible; the owl side is my favorite."


"Purchased your hand made double blade sold gold pendant through Etsy. Was so impressed with the quality I had to seek out your website for other options. Rebuilding my jewelry collection after letting a lot of solid gold pieces go during a difficult time years back. You are the first company I have come across where I am completely satisfied in my money was well spent.. I received a compliment on your piece within an hour of wearing it for the first time. Looking forward to becoming a loyal customer."


"Absolutely gorgeous Athena/owl pendants! I ordered two- one for myself and one for my sister- we both love Greek mythology. I also purchased a very lovely key chain with a 120-year-old Greek coin on it- so special and beautifully made. Chris kept me updated on delivery, etc. and my treasures arrived before expected. Hope to another piece of jewelry soon. Thank you!"

Cynthia W, USA

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