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Gerochristo 6067N ~ Sterling Silver & Garnet Medieval-Byzantine Large Bracelet at CultureTaste

An impressive bangle bracelet in Sterling Silver with Garnet gemstones in a Byzantine-Medieval design.

$950.00 USD
Gerochristo P5455N ~ Sterling Silver & Zircons Medieval-Byzantine Cross Pendant at CultureTaste

A unique cross pendant in Sterling and Gold plated Silver decorated with Zircon Stones.

$255.00 USD
Gerochristo 2285N ~ Solid Gold & Silver Medieval-Byzantine Solitaire Ring at CultureTaste

An elegant, single stone ring in Solid Gold & Sterling Silver decorated with Zircon stone.

$240.00 USD
Gerochristo 1110N ~ Solid Gold & Silver Medieval-Byzantine Drop Earrings at CultureTaste

Solid Gold and Sterling Silver filigree drop earrings in a Byzantine-Medieval design.

$700.00 USD
Gerochristo P7122N ~ Sterling Silver & Mop Medieval-Byzantine Cufflinks at CultureTaste

An elegant pair of cufflinks in sterling and gold plated silver with mother of pearl in a Byzantine-Medieval design.

$215.00 USD
Gerochristo 1129N ~ Solid Gold & Sterling Silver Medieval-Byzantine Charm Pendant at CultureTaste

Solid Gold and Sterling Silver Filigree oval pendant in a Byzantine-Medieval design, decorated with pink tourmaline.

$205.00 USD
Polemis 2002 ~ Sterling Silver Wide Cuff Bracelet with Tourmaline at CultureTaste

An impressive two-tone Sterling Silver wide cuff bracelet decorated with multi-color Tourmaline gemstones.

$1,070.00 USD
Gerochristo 2952N ~ Sterling Silver Raised Bird Band Ring at CultureTaste

A unique Sterling silver band ring with raised bird motifs.

$132.00 USD
Gerochristo 1018N ~ Solid Gold, Silver & Pearls Medieval Drop Earrings at CultureTaste

A classy pair of drop earrings in solid gold and sterling silver with freshwater pearls.

$605.00 USD
Polemis 2001 ~ Sterling Silver Wide Cuff Bracelet with Gemstones at CultureTaste

A unique cuff bracelet in Sterling & Gold plated Silver decorated with Tourmaline, Aquamarine and Peridot gemstones.

$1,039.00 USD
Gerochristo P6373N ~ Sterling Silver Medieval-Byzantine Doublet Cuff Bracelet at CultureTaste

An elegant cuff bracelet in sterling and gold plated silver with doublet clear quartz over azurite gemstones.

$445.00 USD
Gerochristo 7168N ~ Solid Gold & Silver Medieval Byzantine Filigree Cufflinks at CultureTaste

An elegant pair of filigree cufflinks in Solid Gold and Sterling Silver.

$470.00 USD
Gerochristo 5076N ~ Sterling Silver Byzantine-Medieval Cross Pendant at CultureTaste

Sterling Silver in Byzantine-Medieval design cross pendant decorated with engraved motifs.

$49.00 USD
Lion's Head ~ Sterling Silver Wrap Ring - Small - CultureTaste

Lion's Head ~ Sterling Silver wrap ring inspired by the Ancient Greek lion motif.


$23.00 USD
Gerochristo 1433N ~ Sterling Silver & Stones Medieval Drop Earrings at CultureTaste

A classy pair of drop earrings in Sterling Silver, decorated with small pearls and zircon gemstones.

$77.00 USD
Gerochristo 3087N ~ Sterling Silver Medieval-Byzantine Filigree Floral Pendant at CultureTaste

Sterling Silver with Garnet Gemstones Large Pendant with Filigree floral motifs.

$260.00 USD
Gerochristo 6287N ~ Sterling Silver Medieval-Byzantine Filigree Bracelet at CultureTaste

An elegant bracelet in Sterling Silver inspired by Byzantine-Medieval design.

$625.00 USD
Gerochristo 7057N ~ Sterling Silver & Carnelian Medieval-Byzantine Cufflinks at CultureTaste

A classy pair of cufflinks in Sterling Silver with carnelian stones.

$240.00 USD
Gerochristo 2334N ~ Solid Gold & Silver Medieval-Byzantine Filigree Chevalier Ring at CultureTaste

18K Solid Gold and Sterling Silver tapered band ring decorated with filigree and engraved motifs.

$240.00 USD
Gerochristo 5409N ~ Sterling Silver & Pearl Byzantine Cross Pendant at CultureTaste

Sterling Silver Medieval-Byzantine cross pendant decorated with Freshwater Pearl.

$290.00 USD